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UK Car Production Down: Brexit Uncertainty Cited as a Cause

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 29, 2017  

UK car production was down 4% in September, the probable cause being given as Brexit uncertainty. This was in spite of a general growth in Britain’s manufacturing industry. The Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for July, August and September were 55.3, 56.9 and 55.9 respectively. Whil [...]

Bombardier C-Series Aircraft: Will it Affect US-UK Trade Agreements?

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 8, 2017  

The import tariff applied by the US to the Bombardier C-Series aircraft order has raised the hackles of the EU and the UK governments. Further to our report on the Bombardier import tariff of 220% being increased to 300%, there has been more reaction from Bombardier in particular. It may also have r [...]

Nissan Recall Due to Inadequate Safety Inspections Leads to Falling Nissan Stock Prices

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 3, 2017  

A Nissan recalls through safety issues will involve around 1.2 million vehicles. These vehicles involve the Japanese domestic market and will cost the company 15 billion yen ($220 million; £167 million.) According to Japanese regulators, they do not meet Japan’s domestic safety standards. [...]

Monarch Airlines Collapse Boosts Share Prices Of Other Holiday Airlines

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 3, 2017  

However, the announcement of the Monarch Airlines collapse has given a boost to the share prices of other holiday airlines. We recently reported on the potential revocation of Monarch Airlines license for package holiday charters. Since our report yesterday, the company has now folded. Passengers we [...]

Chinese Trade Sanctions on South Korea: Hyundai Trade With China Affected

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 1, 2017  

Chinese trade sanctions on South Korea are hitting some areas of the country’s industry.  Hyundai trade with China has been particularly affected. These sanctions were placed on the country because of the deployment of a defense system designed to protect the county from potential North Korean mi [...]

Uber Car Hire License in London Rescinded: Uber Fights Decision

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 23, 2017  

The hail ride company Uber car hire license has been rescinded in London, England. Transport for London (TfL) has deemed it ‘not fit and proper’ for Uber to be given a London private hire operator license. Uber will not be provided with a new license to operate in London. [...]

Volkswagen Diesel Cars and Electric Cars: Carbon Fuel – Electric Power Transition?

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 12, 2017  

The manufacture of Volkswagen diesel cars is to continue. According to Volkswagen CEO, Matthias Mueller, it is Volkswagen’s view that the bad press diesel cars are being given is unwarranted. However, there will be a transition period during which gasoline and diesel cars will gradually move over [...]

Electric Car Sales, Global Warming and Climate Change – Any Connection?

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 8, 2017  

Not only are electric car sales increasing rapidly, but increasing numbers of auto companies are developing them. The days of the Tesla Roadster and Nissan Leaf are over. Now, every car manufacturer that wants to remain in existence is working on its own electric car. Why? Because of global warming [...]

Jaguar Land Rover Electric Cars and Battery Charging Stations

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 8, 2017  

Jaguar Land Rover electric cars will soon be all they have to offer. The company has stated that all its new vehicles will be electric by 2020. This is 20 years ahead of the UK government stating that the production of all petrol/gasoline and diesel engine cars will stop by 2040. Climate change is j [...]

Electric Car Charging a Challenging Issue For UK Power Suppliers

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 1, 2017  

Electric car charging will necessitate a spend of billions of pounds by the UK. The extra demand on the national grid will require new power plant and an upgraded grid network. Another significant cost will be charging points for electric vehicles.   The UK government has announced that t [...]