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US South Korea Trade Pact to be Renegotiated to Meet US Needs

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 6, 2017  

The US South Korea trade pact that was agreed in 2012 is to be discussed after President Donald Trump threatened to terminate it. According to Donald Trump, the agreement has to be renegotiated or it will be terminated. This goes along with the president’s policy of terminating agreed trade agreem [...]

Merlin SeaWorld Deal on the Cards as Merlin Entertainments Seeks a Merger

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 5, 2017  

A Merlin SeaWorld deal may be on the cards. However, does Merlin Entertainments, the UK -based theme park operator, really seek a merger? It is certainly considering purchasing certain parts of the SeaWorld operation. Nevertheless, it seems like SeaWorld would prefer to sell all of itself rather tha [...]

Amazon and Apple Back Taxes to Be Paid According to European Commission

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 4, 2017  

Amazon and Apple back taxes have to be paid according to the European Commission. This involves a €250 million ($293, £221) back taxes bill for Amazon and also back taxes that Apple owes Ireland. Amazon denies that it owes any back taxes to the EU. So what’s the background to the EU demands? [...]

Nissan Recall Due to Inadequate Safety Inspections Leads to Falling Nissan Stock Prices

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 3, 2017  

A Nissan recalls through safety issues will involve around 1.2 million vehicles. These vehicles involve the Japanese domestic market and will cost the company 15 billion yen ($220 million; £167 million.) According to Japanese regulators, they do not meet Japan’s domestic safety standards. [...]

Monarch Airlines Collapse Boosts Share Prices Of Other Holiday Airlines

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 3, 2017  

However, the announcement of the Monarch Airlines collapse has given a boost to the share prices of other holiday airlines. We recently reported on the potential revocation of Monarch Airlines license for package holiday charters. Since our report yesterday, the company has now folded. Passengers we [...]

Monarch Airlines License for Package Holiday Charters Might be Revoked

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 2, 2017  

Monarch Airlines license for package holiday charters is under threat.  The company has until midnight of 1st October to renew its license with ATOL – or it may request more time from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Monarch Airlines is the UK chartered airline company providing [...]

Chinese Trade Sanctions on South Korea: Hyundai Trade With China Affected

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 1, 2017  

Chinese trade sanctions on South Korea are hitting some areas of the country’s industry.  Hyundai trade with China has been particularly affected. These sanctions were placed on the country because of the deployment of a defense system designed to protect the county from potential North Korean mi [...]

Peppa Pig Sales in China Rocket After Chinese TV Exposure

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 27, 2017  

Peppa Pig sales in China are increasing after the cartoon pig’s show was shown on Chinese TV. She is a big hit, and sales of Peppa Pig merchandize have been increasing rapidly. Home furnishings, toys, clothes and other branded merchandize have all seen rapid increases in sales figures. [...]

Oil Prices Rise as OPEC Oil Production Cuts Become Effective

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 27, 2017  

Oil prices rise as the oil production cuts by OPEC countries appear to have become effective. Oil prices rose steeply on Monday. Brent increased to $59.02 a barrel, the 3.8% rise taking it to its highest price since July 2015. The US West Texas benchmark price increased by 3% to $52.22. These increa [...]

Canyon Bridge Imagination Merger after Lattice Purchase Failure

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 25, 2017  

A Canyon Bridge Imagination merger is now on the cards.  A final block to this purchase of Imagination Technologies by Canyon Bridge is now about to be removed.   We recently published a news report that Canyon Bridge was to purchase UK chip company, Imagination Technologies.  This was [...]