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UK Interest Rate May be Set to Increase This Year

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 14, 2017  

The UK interest rate seems set to increase by December. The UK pound climbed 1% against the dollar after the Bank of England announced a possible increase in the interest rate. The pound rose to $1.3314 after an announcement by the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). It stated that inte [...]

US Exports and UK Tourism: Effects of Strong Dollar and Weak Pound

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   August 18, 2017  

US exports and UK tourism are effects of a strong dollar and a weak pound. US factory production dropped in July, largely due to a significant drop in US car production. American cars are more expensive to export due to the relatively strong dollar. According to the US Federal reserve, the drop in p [...]

Bitcoin Value Rockets While Bitcoin Cash Falters Due to Hack

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   August 6, 2017  

Bitcoin value rocketed 16% Saturday to a lifetime high of $3360.87. This is over three times its value for 2017. However, its alternative cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash slipped in value Saturday due to a hack, referred to as a ‘transaction malleabi [...]

Effect of the UK Economy and Political Uncertainty on Interest Rates

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 8, 2017  

The UK Economy is failing to gather any momentum, a situation exemplified by recent data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This showed that Britain’s trade deficit increased in Ma [...]

UK Economy Suffers and British Industrial Output Slides in April

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 11, 2017  

The UK economy suffers as election blues set in and British industrial output falters. Economists had forecast an increase in April economic output and productivity of 0.8%. However, the actual figure was significantly lower at 0.2%. The unexpected general election result has also affected the UK ec [...]

UK Pound Value Drops to Seven Week Low After British Election

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 10, 2017  

The UK pound value drops to a 7-week low after the unexpected British election result. Part of this drop was due to doubts cast on the Brexit talks timetable. However, EU leaders have stated they are ready to get started on the negotiations. If the UK is to leave they want it to be sooner rather tha [...]

Brexit Talks, Macron and a Fed Rate Hike – a Month of Amazing Results

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 9, 2017  

Brexit Talks and Theresa May, the UK General Election, Emmanuel Macron - and the Federal Reserve meeting still to come. What an exciting time in politics! Much has happened in the past three months that many people would never have believed could happen.   In April, the UK Prime Minister [...]

Dollar Index Gains as Pound Falls Due to Elections and Politics

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   May 30, 2017  

The dollar index gains 0.2% in early European trading. The dollar index had been put under pressure over the past two weeks due to insecurities associated with the Trump administration. However, it has gained around 0.2% because of political issues in Europe and the UK general election. [...]

US Dollar Falling as Trump Gains Fall Off and Euro Advances

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   May 20, 2017  

The US dollar falling is partially due to political issues and partially to rising foreign currencies. The gains made during the early days of the Trump administration were lost for a number of reasons.  Pressure was put on the dollar with the dismissal of James Comey as FBI director and the curren [...]

UK Economy Slowdown – UK GDP SlowDown in First Quarter

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   April 28, 2017  

A UK economy slowdown has been reflected in a low growth rate of 0.3% in the first quarter of 2017. This is the slowest rate of UK growth since the same quarter of last year. According to the UK Office for National Statistics, this growth reduction related to a 0.3% growth rate in the service sector [...]