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New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Launched With Modified Batteries

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 2, 2017  

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is to be launched with modified batteries. The original Galaxy Note 7 was withdrawn in October 2016 due to batteries catching fire. This was around two months after its initial launch. The issue cost Samsung over $5 billion in profit but, more importantly, cost the firm [...]

Toshiba and Western Digital Fall Out Over Flash Memory Business

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 28, 2017  

The Toshiba and Western Digital 17-year-old joint venture is a strained one at the moment. This is largely due to a falling out over the flash memory business. Massive losses in its bankrupt Westinghouse US nuclear division have led to the Japanese firm deciding to sell the flash memory unit which m [...]

Toshiba Losses Increasing: Will Bain Capital Bale It Out?

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 24, 2017  

Toshiba losses are increasing.  The electronics company has announced that 2016 losses will be more than it had forecast. Losses are now expected to reach 995 billion yen ($8.94 billion) for the year to March. Toshiba’s original estimate for losses had been 950 yen. [...]

Imagination Technologies Sale Announcement: Apple to Make Own Chips

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 22, 2017  

The Imagination Technologies sale announcement has sent a shudder down the spine of many Apple suppliers. Imagination Technologies is a British technology research and development company. Its main business is the development and licensing of various types of processor IP cores. The company announce [...]

T-Mobile Has Big Hopes to Become the Top US Wireless Carrier

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   June 1, 2017  

T-Mobile has big hopes to become the top US wireless carrier. At one time, this carrier existed on scraps. It survived on what is could get by reducing prices and offering no-contract services. Its coverage outside of major cities wasn’t worth having.  Now it is aiming to become America’s top w [...]

Facebook Fined €110 million ($122 million) for WhatsApp Issue

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   May 18, 2017  

Facebook has been fined by European Union antitrust regulators for providing misleading information relating to its purchase of WhatsApp. The application is a messaging service that Facebook purchased in 2014.   In 2016, WhatsApp launched updates allowing user accounts on Facebook and Wha [...]

Toshiba Annual Results: Toshiba Misses Deadline to File Annual Results

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   May 15, 2017  

Toshiba annual results are late. The company missed the May 15 deadline, although the company has warned that it would probably file a 950 billion yen loss (£8.4bn, £6.5bn).   Toshiba stated in April that there were doubts as to the future of the company. It has suffered from several di [...]

Amazon Share Prices and Conglomerate Fears

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   April 30, 2017  

Amazon share prices rose again during the week after a massive 23% increase in overall sales. However, some questions have been raised about the extent of Amazon’s activities which has ventured far from its main focus of online retailing. The company is now involved in cloud computing, movie strea [...]

Misys Shares to be Floated on the Stock Exchange in November

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 8, 2016  

Misys shares are due to be floated on the stock exchange in London in November.  Misys offers financial services software to many of the world’s largest banks, lenders and investment companies.  The November flotation would likely value the company  at £5.5 billion.  The business is hoping to [...]

Twitter Takeover Failure Results in Twitter Share Price Collapse

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 7, 2016  

The expected Twitter takeover has not taken place. Twitter shares fell by a third on Thursday because no bid has yet been forthcoming.  It’s a rollercoaster ride for Twitter at the moment. Shares had rocketed earlier this week after rumors were rife regarding a potential takeover by any of severa [...]