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Hong Kong Stock Exchange Closes Today: Portent of the Future

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 27, 2017  

The Hong Kong stock exchange closes today after 31 years of trading. The closure is the price paid for the rapid rise in internet and electronic trading. Hong Kong is highly unlikely to be the last stock exchange to become redundant.  As increasing amounts of trading are carried out online, the old [...]

Sterling Falls as Theresa May Might Face Leadership Challenge

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   October 8, 2017  

Sterling falls against the dollar to a one-month low as the UK Prime Minister Theresa May might face a leadership challenges. The pound fell to $1.3035 Friday, and also dropped 0.6% against the euro to €1.1135. This was in spite of the FTSE 100 share index ending the week at 7,522.87, 14.88 points [...]

Angry Birds Company Rovio Entertainment To Be Valued at $1 Billion When Listed

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   September 15, 2017  

Rovio Entertainment, the Angry Birds company, is expected to be valued at around $1 billion when it finally hits the stock market. The mobile games developer behind Angry Birds expects to be worth about $1bn when it lists on the stock market. Rovio should be listed on the main part of the Helsinki N [...]

Share Prices Fall and Mineral Share Prices Drop at End of Week

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   August 12, 2017  

There are many reasons why share prices fall. But why do mineral share prices drop? Often it due to a recession or even a pending general fall in stock markets. The UK stock market fell 1.1% this week, but the main question is not by how much, but why? By the end of Friday trading, the FTSE 100 had [...]

Saudi Aramco IPO of Shares and London Stock Exchange Rules

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   August 2, 2017  

The Saudi Aramco IPO may be listed in the London Stock Exchange. Saudi Aramco intends to sell 5% of its stock in an initial public offering in 2018. For obvious reasons, the world’s bourses are vying for the listing. The sale may value the Saudi Arabia national oil company at $2 trillion. Announce [...]

Starbucks Shares Crash While Teavana Stores are Closed

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 29, 2017  

Starbucks shares crashed 7% on Friday in line with a host of other stocks. Not only were sales lower than expected, but Starbucks announced that is was closing all its Teavana stores. It decided to close all 379 Teavana stores due largely to sales being lower than expected. While planning to shut do [...]

Barclays Loss After Sale of Barclays African Business – and PPI Costs

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 29, 2017  

Barclays Bank has reported a £1.2 billion ($1.57 billion) attributable loss for the first half of the year. Barclays loss was reported on Friday, a large part of this due to the sale of its business in Africa. In fact, losses on the Africa business sale amounted to £2.5 billion. Barclays also call [...]

Amazon Profits Drop as Expenditure Increases: But Amazon Shares Rise

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 28, 2017  

Amazon profits dropped sharply in the quarter ending June in spite of a significant increase in sales. The company invested a great deal of money in its drive to become a global source for all types of goods, including food.   Amazon profits for the three months ending June 30th were 77% [...]

Indivior Share Prices Rise as Suboxone Film Sells Well

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 27, 2017  

Indivior share prices rose by over 13% on Thursday. Lower than expected research expenses and legal costs enabled the company to increase revenue forecast and improve its 2017 revenue forecasts. Its flagship product, Suboxone Film, is also selling well. [...]

Amazon Whole Foods Acquisition to Undergo Increased Scrutiny

  •  Published by Pete Nisbet on   July 25, 2017  

The Amazon Whole Foods acquisition is under scrutiny by the US regulators. Some groups have raised anti-trust issues, and the regulators are taking more time to review the purchase. Some Democrats have asked the regulators to look more closely at the $13.7 billion purchase. They believe that the acq [...]